(record review)VACANT HOME-“Reflect, Respond”


I fuckin love the Australian hardcore scene, it is one of my favourite scenes in the world with many excellent bands like Toe To Toe, Deez Nuts, Clowns…coming out every day. I find some great Australian bands almost every month and it only deepens my respect and love for their scene. This time around we have a new record by Vacant Home, band that is coming from Perth City. This record contains seven songs. Vacant Home are playing modern version of melodic hardcore with very heartfelt and emotional lyrics, so I can almost characterize this band as melodic hardcore that is bordering with screamo. They actually remind me a little off a Croatian band called Mališa Bahat. The vocals are harsh but not screamy, rather shouted. The lyrics are very beautiful and they are depressive but I can also catch a glimmer of hope somewhere in there. The tempo is mostly smart and midtempo rythm but there is some occasional faster drumming and I can also hear some indie guitar lines in some songs like “Shiver” for example. This is nice hardcore record done from the heart, so give it a chance and spin it a couple of times.






(columns)Kraykulla demented rantings:Do some people make you wanna puke?

Wednesdays somehow became my day for going to see my dad, who lives in a flat approximately ten minutes walk from the place where I  live. So, the middle of the week somehow becomes reserved for my visits after I finish work at my job. We drink some coffee, eat something and have some quality time just talking about what is new.


I said hello to my dad and went home. There is a store just across the road from the building in which I live, so I stopped there just to buy some bread because I always eat in the mornings before leaving to work and there was no bread left back home. I walked through the store and I heard some yelling and arguing.

When I looked, I saw the man from one of the better known families in my hometown yelling at the top of his lungs at the tiny woman who works at the store. The man was yelling so much that he became all purple in the face and for a minute I was hoping that he will just fall down and die.

Unfortunately, that was not the case. The reason he was yelling at the poor woman was that there was she not knowing how much pork meat is in the product he wanted to buy. When he asked her, she just read it from the package, which says 50%. He kept on insisting that she must know it, that he wont buy it and he kept calling her names like whore and bitch. Before I managed to utter a word, he dropped the whole plastic basket he was holding in his hands containing bread and some bags of soup. He threw the whole damn thing on the floor and stomped out of the store all purple in the agony of his righteous anger!

I caught myself thinking about that fucker, okay he is rich as fuck, drives fancy car, lives in a big, nice house and has no worries in the world whether he will have enough money for food or not. Does that give him right to act like such utter and complete asshole? No! Should he yell at the poor girl working there for minimum wage, showing absolutely no respect to her, although she tries to jump at his every whim and bizarre wish? Hell, no! Those kind of fuckers make me puke, make me want to shove my fist in my throat and puke the dinner I ate at my dads place all over his fancy motherfucking clothes. And, then, for good measure, punch the fucker some more in his purple face.

imagesIs being rich a crime? Of course not! Everyone who succeeds and gets rich in a way that is not criminal, deserves respect and I honour those who become rich and earn money from hard work, all the sacrifices they made to get there where they are today. But, you should also show some respect if you want people to give and show respect to you.

Now we come to the question from the title of mine todays sermon. Obviously all of us meet some people who make you wanna puke, make you wanna punch them in the face and become violent. That kind of people ruins our day and makes us angry, sad seeing the injustices of the world. I know all of us had experience like that. The only question is, how do we handle ourselves in such situation? Do we grind our teeth and walk away, or we try to do or say something?


(record review)Weekend coming and it is a perfect time for some spooky melodic punk KITTY IN A CASKET-“RISE”(Rodeostar/SPV)


This is already fourth album from this Vienna, Austria based melodic punkrock band. They started as a band balancing on a border of pop punk, horrorpunk and psychobilly, working hard, touring all over and now on their fourth album they profiled themselves as a great melodic punkrock force. The album consists of 12 tracks and listening to them made me feel good somehow. The lyrics still have that spooky horrorish feeling that they had since the first record but the musicianship and the vocals improved with each record untill now. Vocalist Kitty sounds better than ever delivering fine melodies and the harmonies are delivered with melody and precision. My favourite tracks are “Lights Out”, “Sweet Love, the balladesque “Oh Johnny” and “Dead Inside”. All of you who like your punkrock melodic, not too fast and if you like songs having a lot of emotion and atmosphere, this is the right record for you.







(record review)5 STAR GRAVE-“The Red Room”(Sliptrick records)


Now is the time for some harder stuff from Italy. 5 Star Grave are six piece band from Cuneo featuring ex members of Ground Zero, Disarmonia Mundi and Frostbane. Formed in 2008., this is their third full length album. The album features 10 tracks of melodic modern metal with horror lyrics, so they are reffered to as horror metal. The music is energetic mixture of melodic death metal, trash metal and some punk hardcore influences. The vocals are more shouted than sung but it fits kinda nicely in the whole picture. The song titles are tongue in cheek cheesy but funny horror clichees like “Eat You Alive”, “The Ballad Of The Vampire”(my personal favourite), “Alice”, “He Never Died” to name only a few great songs. This is a really fine record for all the fiends out there who love metal and love horror!










Hear the excellent cover of Game of Thrones main musical theme by Italian skate punk band Thousand Oaks!

Italian skate punk band Thousand Oaks was formed upon the ashes of their former band Jet Market. Now, they covered the main musical theme of the megapopular tv series Game Of Thrones. You can hear it here, but dont forget that they also have their awesome songs, so if you are into skate melodic punk check them out you wont regret it!

(columns)Kraykulla demented rantings:Do you still go to the cinema?

Cinema Europa in Zagreb, capital of Croatia

The modern living has made us happy, giving us some of the newest technological discoveries and gadgets, that our grandparents, even parents never could imagine that will exist one day. But, it has also made us more complacent and more lazy because we are leaning on gadgets to pull us through our day, making our wishes true and lulling us in the false sense of happines.

Like everything else, the movie industry suffered too under the new technologies making internet pirates easy to steal movies, sometimes before they arrive in cinemas and uploading it on the web for everyone to have and watch. There is no righteous angel among us who read this, all of us sometimes used this pirated links and downloaded our movie or tv show, not to mention music albums.

When I was a boy, that was in the 1980-ies, there was one cinema in my hometown Čakovec, Croatia, called Dom(eng.Home) and I really felt at home there. We watched everything there except soft porn. We would see that too, but we werent allowed to. Since we lived in communist Yugoslavia, the school indoctrinated kids through cinema among other things, so they often took us there on Saturday morning to see some war movie about Yugoslav partisans, or some kid movie with subtle indoctrination underneath the storyline. In the evenings, we used to go see old Hong Kong karate movies or c-production of action and adventure movies. I still can remember the smell of that cinema, slight mix of cigarettes, stale leather, sweat and other nice odours.

Two events in this cinema stayed especially imprinted on my brain and memory cells. First, I remember my dad took me there to see Star Wars:The Empire Strikes Back. The cinema was so full that they gave us some old wooden extra chair and I sat through the whole movie on my dads lap and I was pretty heavy for a kid back then. Imagine the hard time he had holding my fat little ass in his lap for more than two hours. The second time was I went to see Karate Kid 2 all alone. The cinema was full of soldiers and gipsies and after the movie the gypsies were trying the moves that they saw in the film on the kids in front of the cinema, so I had to run home not to get my ass kicked.

Centar za kulturu(eng Culture Center) in my hometown nowadays

Then everything changed. Right in the middle of the main square of my hometown opened the new cinema/theater called Centar za kulturu(eng.Culture Center). We were shocked and could not believe our eyes and noses. This new cinema played mostly newer blockbuster movies and had wider space between the seats for your feet and it actually smelled good.

At first, we were very happy but there were times when a movie played in the old cinema that we really wanted to see, but at the same time something newer and more attractive was playing at the new cinema, so as we still can not be in two places at once, we decided that we go for the new cinema.

Then came the war and all that troubled and dark times, so cinema Dom closed its gates forever in the beginning of the 90-ies. Centar za kulturu still exists to this day holding many theater plays and of course showing movies, now in digital and 3D versions. We still go to the cinema but not as much as we used to, but we still manage to go see at least Star Wars, Marvel and DC movies. The modern age and technology progressed but also made us lazy to go see movies in the cinema. Do you guys still go to the cinema?


(record review)Belgian sludgy metal and punk coming your way MISSILES OF OCTOBER-“Better Days”(Pogo Records/EBUS Music)

MOO_DIGIFILE-pochette v2-1

Missiles of October come from Brussels, Belgium and are playing dirty version of punk mixed with noise rock and stoner influences. They were formed in 2012.and until now made quite a name for themselves playing a lot of gigs and sharing the stages with a number of well known acts. This album contains 10 song of relentless, angry punk played with conviction. With titles like “No Brain, No Headache” you get your daily dose of greasy and angry almost Black Flag-ish punk ending in sludgy swampy guitar parts and thunderous drums. This record should be played very loud! I always loved European sludge bands because they sound different somehow than their American counterparts. On this record there are many song structures with noise parts like in “Satisfaction in Nothing” which is the perfect blend of noise and punkish dirty riffs.  As I understand the lyrics are pretty gloomy and hopeless but with also with certain amount of irony and humour. My personal favourite of this record is “Better Days”, an uptempo song which I played a couple of times in a row.  This is a fine record and there is a cassete, vinyl, cd and digital version so grab your copy and support the guys by showing some internet love for their page, maybe book them a gig or two or something.