(record review)CJ RAMONE-“American Beauty”(Fat Wreck Chords)

2017 - American Beauty

When Joey and Johnny Ramone died, some of the remaining one time members who were in the band for shorter or longer period did the Ramones stuff simply to keep the spirit alive and to earn some money and they tried their own musical careers with more or less success. I was a sceptic when I was about to listen CJ Ramone solo albums because I thought that was only some third grade Ramones rehash. I am glad that I was wrong because CJ Ramone plays very good melodic punkrock. Surrounding himself with excellent musicians including Steve Soto, CJ made this new album containing twelve new songs of punkrock played with heart, melody and conviction. CJ Ramone is not singing with intention to be a copy of Joey Ramone and earn some money. On the contrary, he developed his own style and has a really wonderful voice. The songs are short but they kinda hit you in the heart somehow, each one of them. This is a really good album. Top songs:”Youll Never Make Me Believe”, the touching “Tommys Gone”, “Girlfriend In a Graveyard”


American Beauty


Impermanent State contaminated and other songs by Philip Haron

Impermanent State contaminated

House is built

On a chaos structure

Building blocks axiom

Heaven is ready to give in

Verminous appetite

Dirt in our lungs….suffocation

Bottomless garbage dump

Waking up , nothing’s real

Our fake smile torn down

Struck by lightining of awareness

Today’s fear stands beside you

Tomorrow is a factor unknow

Disassembling through all and none

Behind us , a tidal wave of ignorance

A self – spoken truths parody

Coil up the minds through insanity

There’s a prison bars to look forwards


Of love’s debris & covenants


When the sky starts falling down , come on take my hand let’s just go , don’t ask if I know the way , darkness will show the signs , the brightest star can’t outshine your eyes , smiles you gave cannot be strip from my heart , forever more I’ll cherish this memories & tears , let this words tell you I’ll never let you fall , take my hand in the end my fall is losing you.



It’s so hard wake up without your eyes caress my body , your delicate words playing in my ears , the mellow skin against mine , canvas of passion that ignites , and as each day dies dreams will carry me in your arms , let’s crank chemistry so we’ll damn sure render portals of eternity into hell of a ride.



Looking at the sunset and wonder if your thoughts fly towards me , the moonlight is shining in my eyes that are flashing pictures of your smile , heart beat hard enough awaiting sound of your voice to make it pulse even stronger , so I ask you will you be next to me when two hearts become one , to rise in equinox and never return.