(record review)CAROUSEL KINGS-“Charm City”(Victory records)


This is the new album by the American band Carousel Kings, that came out on Victory records. The album has 13 songs of nice easy core. What is easy core? In my opinion, easy core is kind of hybrid between pop punk and hardcore. Do they succeed in creating such hybrid? You bet they do. The album opener “Grey Goose” has enough of happy melodies but also a bit of harsher riffs making it a perfect opener for the album. The production is modern and mighty, so they made a nice job with this record, making it a great package for the fans of such music. Well, there is one thing that I dislike on this record and that is all songs sound kind of similar. The melodies are great, dont get me wrong, and I will always like melodic record because that is the best music, but there is no, how shall I put it, hits,  on this record, meaning songs that stay in your mind and make you hum the melodies long after you finished listening. In all, it is a good album. All of you fans of melodic and not too heavy music out there, check out and buy this record, you wont regret it! Top songs:”Glory Daze”, “Charm City”, “Unconditionally”.





(record review)BARE TEETH:”First the town, then the world”


Bare Teeth are 4 piece melodic punk hardcore band coming from Lille, France. Although the members of the band played in some other bands before, this is Bare Teeth first ep consisting of 8 songs of fast melodic punk hardcore heavily influenced by bands from 90-s such as Lagwagon, NOFX or Strung Out. But, the band sounds more modern like a crossover between A Wilhelm Scream and Propagandhi with some trash and speed metal influences. The lyrics deal with more personal stuff and they are all in English. The ep was mixed by Trevor Reilly from A Wilhelm Scream and he did a great job. Steve Rawles from Belvedere appears as guest vocalist. The music itself is highly energetic and it really made my day when I listened to this record and drank some beer. I loved every riff and melody of this ep, from the opening title track to the acoustic last song “Behind the Wall”. If you like your records to be energetic, melodic and fast, support Bare Teeth. Top songs:”Parted Ways”, “Always Rain”, “These towns need guns”