(record reviews)The Morning Is For Sleeping/New Found Glory/Sub Grunk

THE MORNING IS FOR SLEEPING-In Truth and Lies(This is Core records)

the morning is for sleeping cover

This post hardcore band comes from Latina, Italy. The quintet was formed in 2011. Under somewhat ironic band name the members brought each their own influences and blended together a combination of punk, hardcore and metal. Enter the new album released via mighty This is Core records. There is an intro plus eight songs on the album. Many people know that I am not into metalcore bands, but this is not metalcore. This is heartfelt hardcore and punk with added metalic aggression and speed, played with virtuoso and heart. The lyrics are in English and as I understand they deal with personal issues and emotions. For all of you who like your hardcore melodic and aggressive you will check out this record. There is a pleasent surprise at the end of the album the closing song “For you” is different than the rest of the material and that only proves the greatness of this band. If this guys persist and work hard, their name will be heard in the future. I really enjoyed listening and reviewing this record! Thank you This is Core records for putting out such great stuff!






Wow! How time flies! This is already the ninth studio album of this Floridian easycore pop punk legends which came out on Hopeless records. Now as a quartet, the band delivers 10 new songs filled with melodies, pop punk harmonies and it all sounds too happy and too boring for me. Unfortunately I cannot say that one song from this album stirred some feelings in me. When I listened this album it all sounded like one long song. I know that many of you wont agree with me on this, but this record just doesnt work for me. I must say hats off to the band that exists so long, since 1997.and has made a respectable name for themselves. I cannot lie and say that I like something when thats not true. The album is not bad, the sound is awesome but it is just not my cup of tea.






This is the first full length album from Sub Grunk, the skate punk trio hailing from Sheffield, UK. This record is filled with 13 energetic fast melodic punk hardcore songs made for listening in your ears when riding a bike or skating. The music is average music you would expect from this kind of band and it offers nothing new, but what I must say about this band is that I love their lyrics very much. Although there is a personal line in them, the lyrics are pretty political and pissed off. They deal with all kind of themes like religion(“Bible Basher”), pop punk(“Fuck Pop Punk”), human and animal rights(“Whats The Point”), to name just a few. Since this is the first full record, I am eager to see and hear how will this band sound on the future releases because they have potential to become excellent melodic punk hardcore band. The album is on their bandcamp, so you can download it to free, but it would be better if you could put in some euro or pound to support the band.