(music reviews)Majesty-Rebels/Wormwood-Ghostlands Woods from a bleeding Earth/Nargaroth-Era of Threnody

Majesty-Rebels(NoiseArt Records)


Here is the new album by this excellent power true metal band hailing from Germany. The band was formed in 1997.and this is their eight studio album up to date. This album contains 11 songs of first class pumping melodic power true metal that makes you bang your head, feel the wind on your face, put your fists in the air and shout a scream or two for metal and the warrior in you. For all of you who like to compare your metal to other bands, in my opinion the band sounds like a mixture of best Hammerfall and Manowar parts. The songs are a perfect blend of fast galloping rythm and mid tempo marching power metal drumming. The musicianship is excellent. For me, the highlights of this album are “Rebels of our time”, “Iron Hill”, “Fighting till the End”. The great warrior metal also loves great ballads, so there is one excellent ballad on this album and that is “Across the Lightning”.  This stuff is just perfect for keeping the metal blood flowing through your veins.





Wormwood-Ghostlands Woods from a bleeding Earth(Non Serviam Records)


Wormwood formed in 2014.and they are hailing from Stockholm, Sweden. This black metal quintet features the current and former members of bands Witherskin, Depraved, Abrania… After they released one EP, this is their debut album which came out on Non Serviam Records label. On this album you can find 12 songs of fine melodic black metal sung in English and their native Swedish language. The riffing and music is somewhat typical for this kind of black metal. A little blastbeats here and there, then typical midtempo bm song structuring, but what makes this album a bit better are great atmospherical parts. The lyrical themes are personal, antichristian and I think I can hear some great Viking stuff in there too if I am not mistaken. The highlights of the album are “Silverdimmans Atersken” with excellent guest female vocals and dark but majestic atmosphere, and also “Godless Serenade”, “Beneath the Ravens and Bones” and “What We Lost in the Mist”. This album is nothing new or special, but it is worth listening.






Nargaroth-Era of Threnody(Inter Arma Productions)


I still have goosebumps after listening to this album. Nargaroth was never some band/project that I especially liked. Ash aka Kanwulf had some songs that became so to say evergreens in black metal notebook. But, in all I considered Nargaroth to be nothing special until this album and now everything changed. This is the seventh full lenght album that came out on Ashes own Inter Arma Productions. The album contains 10 songs of painful, emotional and grief stricken but also energetic dark metal. I know that Ash doesnt like Nargaroth to be signed under words black metal genre, but it is very close to black metal and not very different from bm in style. But, these ten songs are a tour de force through pain, personal dark contemplations, some nature and this is how excellent dark metal should sound like, The material is not very fast, but it is at the same time atmospheric and melodic keeping much of the aggression to make me weep with joy. Ash is very mature in his vocal expression and he keeps the screams and growls in perfect combination with clean vocals. All songs are great, but I can highlight some like “Conjunction  Underneath the Alpha Wheel”, “Era of Threnody” and “Love is a Dog from Hell”. Great album!