(record reviews)Elyn-Alibi/Gloom-Catharsis/Eden Weint im Grab-Na(c)htodreise

Elyn-Alibi(White Tower Records)


Elyne is a post hardcore band from Italy formed in 2013.They released one e.p. and this is their second studio album. The production on this record is excellent and Elyne play mighty mix of metalcore and death metal with many other influences including some electronic samples and noises. If I must compare them with someone they sound like a mixture of Edge of Sanity and Shadows Fall with their own unique touch to their music. The riffs and melodies are just great. The drumming is not fast, but energetic songs with heartfelt melodies will brighten your day. The lyrics are personal dealing with alienation in modern world and people hiding who they really are. Good record. Fun for all lovers of more melodic and modern hardcore mixed with metal. Top songs:”O.B.E.”, White Light, Black Rain”, “Broken Faith”.




GLOOM-Catharsis(Metal Age Productions)

This is the second studio album by Slovakian melodic gothic metal band Gloom, formed in 2001. It took them almost 11 years between the first and second album, but the band also had some lineup changes between the records so it is okay their took their time. The album is not long, only a little more than half an hour and it contains 8 songs of lovely gothic metal with lots of melodies and riffs to bang your head and romanticize to. Among the songs there is also an excellent cover of The Cure “Lovesong”. All the lyrics are in English language and if I must compare the band with someone I would say that for me they sound a little like ToDieFor. The best hit and for me the best song of the album is “Lillyann” with beautiful mix of sad female and male vocals. The only thing that gets in the way of making this an excellent album is that almost all the songs except above mentioned sound kinda similar. Give this a try!





EDEN WEINT IM GRAB-Na(c)htodreise(Einheit Produktionen)


German dark metal band Eden Weint Im Grab exists since 2000.and this is their new sevent studio album. Led by mastermind Alexander Paul Blake aka Sascha Blach, they deliver 15 new songs mixing gothic darkness with black metal. The lyrics are in German and the themes are death, dark romance, some spiritual personal stuff and as I understand, this is a concept album. This band and album is excellent, I dont know how I never heard them before this album. I love Haggard, Crematory, Enid and Lacrimosa, this band is like an amalgamation of their best parts with a very large dose of originality. I dont know why or how but I also sense some sarcasm and dark humour throughout the lyrics. This is a perfect band for long Autumn afternoon walks through your favourite graveyard and laughing and dancing with the dead. Top songs:”Bon Voyage”, “Legionen Luzifers”, “In der Toten Taverne”



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