Interview-Bare Teeth:”Respect each other, help other people and bands if you want some help in return!”

If you like your music melodic and at the same time hardcore punk, then this French band is the right one for you. The guys recently put out a new ep so it was time to talk to them a little for this webzine.

Hello and welcome to my webzine! For start, how would you describe Bare Teeth to the readers of this zine that didnt hear your band yet.

Hello ! We are Bare Teeth, a 4-piece punk/rock band from Lille, in France. Our music is heavily influenced by 90’s punk/rock and bands like Lagwagon, NOFX or Strung Out, but also more modern stuff like A Wilhelm Scream and Propagandhi. We also like some thrash stuff like Municipal Waste or Suicidal Tendencies.

How did you get in touch with the underground music scene? Why is this diy underground scene and ethics so beautiful?

This is were we come from. Even if you want to make music on a higher level, you have to stick to DIY ethics : respect each other, help other people and bands if you want some help in return, work hard by yourself and keep in touch with your fans. I can’t imagine making music without talking to people in the audience, having fun with them before or after a show. I do shows and play in bands for more than 15 years, and I couldn’t imagine doing it in a different way.

What is more important in your music, the lyrics or the riffs, what comes first when you are making a song?

Most of the times, one of us come with an almost finished instrumental song, then we discuss and make some slight changes but it doesn’t change the song too much. I had plenty of songs ready when we’ve started the band, but Titouan (guitar/vocals) and Tom (bass/vocals) write more and more songs in the band.
Once the music is ready, I write the lyrics and the melodic lines, but Tom and Titouan have also provided some lyrics. Lyrics are important, but we are not a very political band. Most of the lyrics I write are more personal stuff.


Did you guys do some touring? Did you play outside of France?

Sure ! We live in the very north of France, so it’s quite easy for us to play in Belgium, Netherlands and Germany. Way easier and cheaper to go there than playing in the south of France. So, we already toured in these countries and we have a tour in UK in July, and a full European tour in November.

You also have a new ep out. How did come to cooperation with Trevor Reilly(A Wilhelm Scream) for the mix and Steve Rawles(Belvedere) for guest vocals? Did it come out on some label or you did everything  yourselves?

I know Trevor for quite a long time, as my former band (Fast Motion) played with A Wilhelm Scream in Paris in December 2009. We’ve kept in touch and last year, we met again at Brakrock Eco Fest in Belgium and we talked about Bare Teeth’s EP. Trevor was interested in mixing it, and as we are all big fans of A Wilhelm Scream, we were totally down for this!

Steve Rawles is also a longtime friend. I went on tour with Belvedere and he slept at my place when he was on tour with Belvedere, This Is A Standoff or doing acoustic tours. I also used to lend him some gear or my van, and I once told him : “Hey, I will do a discount price if you do guest vocals for my band”. I was joking about guest vocals, but Steve took it very seriously, haha !

Regarding labels, we are working more than labels from different countries : Lockjaw Records (UK), Don’t Trust The Hype (France), Sirkel Pit (Switzerland), Less Talk More Records (Belgium), Morning Wood Records (Netherlands), Melodic Punk Style(Poland), No Reason Records (Italy), Pro Rawk Records (USA), Far Channel Records (Japan), 59SRS (Russia) and Realize Records (South Korea), … It’s the best way for a small band to get some exposure if every labels makes a little promotion. We are also quite happy to work with so many labels, as some of them have a very good reputation. I hope it will give us opportunities to tour in these countries.

How big is the scene in your hometown? Are there venues and clubs and fanzines, bands?

Not only speaking for our hometown, but the whole North of France, we have a pretty active scene. Many friends put some local shows on, even if we have less and less clubs. Even if bands are not in the same music styles, we really get along well with each others. You should check bands like Fake Off, Stupid Karate, Jodie Faster, Kill For Peace, Miles To Go, Truffle Shuffle, Netfastcore, VETO, …


What do you think about the rising right wing tide in Europe? Did the recent terrorist attacks only increase the hatred among people?

Fortunately, we didn’t get Marine Le Pen as president but political leaders are way too distant with low/middle-class people and that is what makes the right wing rise. People thinking that muslims are almost all terrorists are fucking idiots and you never know about right-wing activists doing terrorist actions. We have a lot of these morons in our hometown and they have strong connections with the local police.

Do you guys have steady daytime jobs? How is living in France outside the band stuff? Is it hard? Can you handle the finances monthly?

We all have, except Titouan who is still a student. We all have decent jobs and it’s quite easy for us to take some holidays for touring purpose. I bought a van so we don’t have to rent one every time we want to go on tour, and I sometimes lend it to friends when they need it.

Living in France is quite easy, compared to some other countries. We have a good healthcare and decent wages. Even though it could be better, with better wages and less taxes, it’s not the worst country in the world to live in.

Now that France has a new president, do you think that anti EU sentiment will stop rising or it will only eventualy lead to Frexit perhaps?

I don’t think Frexit can happen in the next 5 years, while Macron is the president. Even if doesn’t have enough deputies on his side, the Front National (national front, right wing scums) won’t have enough too and will always be apart from discussion. However, the last election showed that the political class is crumbling and some right political leaders showed some sympathy or joined the Front National on the second turn of the election. None of us voted for Macron on the first turn, but I fear that if he can’t make people believe in politics again in the next 5 years, the Front National may have some even bigger figures next time.


Thats it for the first time, thank you for your answers. For the end, tell me one thing. What do you guys know about Croatia? Maybe you heard for some Croatian band from our scene?

I’ve never been there, but I’ve been told it’s a super nice country. Hey, some scenes of Game of Thrones are filmed in Dubrovnic, right ? Haha !

We already played a show with No More Idols and Abergaz. I don’t know many other bands from your country but I hope we can play some shows there someday!