(record review)Haniwa-Helleven(Qua Rock Records)


This band comes from Florence, Italy and this album contains eleven songs of energetic, brutal but still melodic trash metal. Since I am a sucker for more faster trash metal I was a bit disappointed when the album started with and opener “No More” and with the second song “@Daggers Drawn”. The first two songs are played in pumping mid tempo groove trash with aggressive vocals that in my opinion sound a lot like Chuck Billy(Testament). The whole sound of the band reminds a lot on Bay Area bands. “Tomorrow” and “Think This” were a lot better and then one of the album highlights “Volcano” stormed my ears. This song is just perfect combo of harshness and melody. Definitely a winner! “Tides of Time” is one of the longer songs of the album sounding almost balladesque at the start but it is in fact one of the hardest songs on the album. “Haniwa” is another great highlight of the album and I am sure that the catchy chorus goes very well live when used for singalong.  “Fire Eyes” is just a bit too long for my taste but thats only me. “Suffer” and “Helleven”, the title track of the album close the album just the way they should. This is very good modern metal album and I am looking forward to the new material over the years to come because I am sure that it will just be perfect. Check out this band cause they are worth it!