(record review)Plugs of Apocalypse-Deeper Than Hell(This is Core records)

Artwork Plugs Of Apocalypse 600x600

Here is the new album by this great Italian band which formed in Rome in 2008. This is the third album but the first two differed from the style that the band plays now. Earlier albums were more in pure deathcore style and that albums and lots of work got them their rightful place sharing staged with many great international acts.

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The new album sails in more melodic waters. The metal foundation that they built during the years is still here, hammering heavy guitars pound the album relentlessly track by track, with great double bass drumming. The combination of clean voice and keyboard melodies on top of harsh metal riffs is just great. When listening this album it creates in me an atmosphere of no hope sadness and blissful melancholy. Excellent interplay of male and female vocals in songs make this album great listening experience. All of the ten songs are equally great but if I should mention some album highlight, in my opinion that would be “Burn Everything I Love” and “Tears”. Damn, listening to this album left me feeling like floating in a boat on a desolate lake. Frightening, but at the same time beautiful. Great stuff.